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Short trekking to one of the Kanawa Island view point

A short trek leads to Kanawa Island’s lookout point
Island Information:
  • Excellent beaches, calm water, good swimming and snorkeling
  • Basic bungalows available for overnight stay
  • Restaurant serving local food and drink
  • Excellent snorkeling opportunities near the Jetty and to the right of the Jetty area. Refer to map for snorkeling spots

Kanawa Island – resort location and designated snorkeling areas
Panoramic view from one of the highest point at Kanawa Island

Panoramic view from one of the highest points at Kanawa Island

How to get there:
  • Distance Labuan Bajo to Kanawa Island is 15 km
  • Traveling time about 2 hours by local excursion boat from Labuan Bajo
  • More information on local excursion boats
kanawa Isand ish around Kanawa Island

Kanawa Island  
A fish” traffic jam” near Kanawa Island.

Facilities on Seraya Island:

  • Basic Bungalows set in a tropical island surrounding
  • Restaurant with local food and drinking water
  • Trails to lookout points (highest point is 97 m above sea level)

Would you like to stay on Kanawa Island?