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Batu Cermin is the Indonesian name for Mirror Rock. Shown is the limestone Mirror Rock that gives this outcrop its name. Depending on the time of year the sun shines into the canyon between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. and is reflected on the walls.This creates a spectacular visual effect.

What is Batu Cermin and what can you see there?
  • Located 4 km east of Labuan Bajo, an impressive prominent rock formation near a series of caves
  • Home to interesting local flora and animals, including monkeys that frequent this area
  • Provides excellent panoramic view of the mainland area and the islands near Labuan Bajo
  • Bring a flashlight to view the inverted perches of the bats

 Explore the caves in the company of a local guide

General information on Gua Batu Cermin

Gua = cave; Batu = stone; Cermin= Mirror

A white shining rock formation which, seen in a certain light, resembles large mirrors, gives this locale its name.

The main cave is located at the centre of Batu Cermin. A ladder walkway connects the central area where the main cave is located. The walkway leads through a series of chambers before opening into the main narrow canyon of the “Mirror Rock.’’
Observe bats and spiders in the caves. While bats are found in abundance, you have to be very lucky to see the local spiders who, when approached, quickly scamper out of sight.

More Information about the general geology of West Flores


 A macaque protesting having his picture taken

How to get there:
  • Located approximately 4 kilometers east of Labuan Bajo
  • ask for the directions along the way (the location is well known to the local population)
  • Accessible on foot or by bike: an easy 1.5 hours walk from Labuan Bajo to Gua Batu Cermin
  • Also accessible by local transport; Ojek (motorbike taxi) or Bemo (bus)
See the red marked path in the map below

The route from Labuan Bajo to Gua Batu Cermin

Facilities and services:
•    Good ladder walkway
•    Local guides

Suggestion: Bring your own water, food and flash light. Batu Cermin offers a pleasant morning or afternoon trip.
Comfortable well maintained ladder walkways await you at Gua Batu Cermin

The translucent rock formations at Gua Batu Cermin